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Looking to get the splash and edt but will trade for full set. Off the top of my head, I have the following to trade:

DG/CL Vide Poche
WK Cuero Oscuro DM set(I know this isn’t unobtainium)
THB Cracklin’ Rosie soap
L&L DFS set
MLSW Unforgiven
Tims BoC soap

I have more but need to look. I may also trade my WW with Maggards Tux knot, my WCS Deranged edition brush or possibly my polished Karve with b plate as well

Pics of some of the goods most are atleast 95%.

[Image: EmZBF7F.jpg][Image: spk2DCn.jpg]

PM if you need more pics.

Thanks for looking.
Added pics
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