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Things I'm looking for

New Noble otter trail, flying hide, bare sets, or noir et vanille splash

Gratiot league square, unconditional surrender, bon vivant, yrp, or santal edts.

Oleo Canaan Oleo bonaire

Wholly Kaw fougere bouqet set

Ts Maya set

Nuavia blu

Thb lavender creeper or tell tale heart

Willing to do 2+ on my end or 2+ cash etc depending on what you have
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I have several soaps and/or sets all lathered 2-3 times or less:
B&M Sinfonia set
B&M Eventide
PannaCrema Pure2O - DFS LE version
Catie’s LPV
I Coloniali Cream
Soapy Science unscented (new)
L&L - DFS LE version (half tub)

I also just traded for a new Noble Otter flying tub, but I’m not sure which version soap it is. Regardless, I’d want to lather it a few times before considering trading it.

If any of this interests you, let me know.
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