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I have a silvertip lime wiborg up for trade. Knot is about 30mm and super soft/gels. The handle has a tiny chip that’s barely noticeable.

[Image: 4ec217b23ac193c41456abf63645c0b1.jpg][Image: 876965e0617fc1bd7fc0a25e89448a80.jpg][Image: a071f363bf191b36162dc2e0f79e75b5.jpg][Image: 2358a312c12c33183151b7432499e9ff.jpg][Image: 03498778cc713999bb9901bb80aab5c6.jpg]

Things I’m looking for:

1. Black wiborg 26-28mm (possibly other colors)
2. Wolfman
3. A #7 special edition SSB or unicorn ivory Declaration brush
4. possibly other numbered SSB declaration brush
5. Possibly other Declaration brushes plus cash.

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