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Looking to clear some things.  I would prefer to sell outright but will entertain trades for Wolfman Razors or Declaration brushes in his handles, especially Jefferson.

Shipping (CONUS, no insurance) and Paypal fees covered by me.

1. (2) D1 Red Dot Fatboys and a D1 Toggle. The Red Dot on the left is original plating and numbers.  It is very gently used.  The Red Dot in the center is a replate collaboration with CAP/Evatt and Razor Emporium .  Matt did a fantastic job correcting the RazorPlate/Chris Evatt plating.  It is the only "collaboration" of it's kind, according to Matt.  Information is provided for disclosure only.  This razor has been taken apart twice.  It works exactly like the original and the two are very, very hard to distinguish.  Matt's replate has a matte blade tray and the original is more polished.

The D1 Toggle has been gently used.  There is some plate deterioration on the head but no plate loss or brassing I can see.

D1 Red Dot Original $600 OBO
D1 Red Dot Replate $550 OBO
D1 Toggle Original $300 OBO

[Image: vc9qB2m.jpg]
[Image: 9aioCxd.jpg]
[Image: TQkLbKg.jpg]
[Image: dsJuSh6.jpg]
[Image: m5u88CU.jpg]

2. Merkur Vision was bought as NOS and I've not used it.  It has the instructions, case, blades, and shipper.  $250 OBO

[Image: qVR4ad5.jpg]
[Image: bq1wUeG.jpg]

3.  Handles.  
    (1) Hemple SS Wave 15mm x 87mm  $100
    (1) Hemple Ti 17mm x 94mm  $110
    (1) UFO Goliath in Bronze  15mm  x 85mm w/sleeve and COA.  This handle is from late 2012.  $225

[Image: 2C5yXNS.jpg]

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Very nice pictures.

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Great guy with some great unobtainables

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Oh...that Toggle...Happy GLWTS!

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(01-30-2019, 05:13 PM)mrgr8ful Wrote: Very nice pictures.

Thanks. As much of a fan of Gillette adjustable, I never noticed one thing. The Red Dot Fatboy is supposed to have the same head as a Toggle...with the production Fatboy TTO (less the 1/4 turn). The dots appear to be on opposite sides of the head. The text on the bottom of the head where the date code is upside down. Weird.

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Find the collectables so confusing. Thought toggles were worth thousands?

Beautiful lot GLWS

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(01-30-2019, 07:50 PM)DanLaw Wrote: Find the collectables so confusing. Thought toggles were worth thousands?

Beautiful lot GLWS

A Serial Toggle will run into the 1000s. A D1, while being more rare than an F4, is not nearly as valuable as the Serial.

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