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Looking to sell or trade this stunning Vlad Ferdman 2-band mixed media marblewood/zebra resin brush.  Presents as new, no issues, sensational knot.
Retail is $88 shipped.  
Selling for $60 $55 shipped CONUS.
Would also consider trading for a Semogue mistura badger/boar mixed brush, or other Semogue LE/SE brush, or a Bob Quinn wooden handle brush.
[Image: 97d97638d9330c35979041efdbe360e4.jpg]
[Image: cfa45122827ca911bb6282f7887d4563.jpg]
[Image: ceb8fcfce85b37ab469276017b8bdd48.jpg]
[Image: cb8964e96540614d4572afb92ad88ea8.jpg]
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PRICE DROP!  Also still open to trades, including for Ikon DE razors, other DE razors or Artist Club SE style SE razors.

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