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Razors up for sale or trade.  Prices include PP fees and CONUS shipping.

1. Weber baseplate/cap with an Ikon handle - $150 $140
2. Karve brass 3.5 handle with the D & F plates - $65 - SOLD
3. Supply Single Edge with all three plates (purchased in Dec 2016 – not sure which version) - $100 $90 $80
4. Blackland Dart – lightly used (less than 20 shaves) - $75 $70 SOLD

Willing to consider all trades for hardware but I would really like to trade/partial trade for a Rockwell 6S, Carbon Cx-316L or Timeless Bronze OC.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: PcjQAgl.jpg]

[Image: 55cSr9t.jpg]

[Image: 4zUn27P.jpg]

[Image: 5YME1zJ.jpg]

[Image: Ttav5FB.jpg]

[Image: W28fvd8.jpg]

[Image: Cp4eagS.jpg]

[Image: L0Q2yrG.jpg]

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Karve now available for sale

Killer deal on a Karve dude! If it had less aggressive plates id buy it and sell my SS cause I miss the brass. You should be able to sell it No problem tho. GLWTS

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Karve is SPF

Price drops on the Supply and Dart

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Karve is sold

Peachtree City, GA
For those looking for an inexpensive razor that shaves with the best and most expensive, this Dart is about as good as it gets. GLWS

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Dart is sold and prices lowered on the remaining razors

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