Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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Looking to sell these sets. CONUS ONLY. 

Please add $10 for shipping 

NAID (Original base). Soap 80ish % Splash (alcohol) 90%+- withdrawn
Claddagh (AON base). Soap 98%. Splash (witch hazel) 90%. Balm used 1X - $30
Trinity (AON base). Soap 99% (mentholated and filled to the brim). Splash (alcohol+ menthol 95+%), Splash (witch hazel and some label damage) 65%- $25

Apex Alchemy Love and Other Dr*gs New $15

[Image: daxeFK8.jpg][Image: BK4poS8.jpg]
Bump. $70 takes all of it
$65 shipped CONUS takes it all.
Naid withdrawn. Last reduction down to $50
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Added Mammoth Shire gold label. Used 3x. 

Take all of the above soap lots (minus naid) and the mammoth for $100 shipped CONUS ONLY and as a lot only. 

[Image: dAx2GGr.jpg][Image: LNjXPlz.jpg]

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This is worth it for the Shire alone! Great member to deal with here!

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I would so do this if I were in the US.

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Is there something in the Shire? Looks peach
There is nothing in the shire. May be the lighting as it doesn’t look peach in person.

Just a side note. The Gold Label soaps were much more expensive than the regular label soaps.

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Bump up. This is your chance to get one of only a handful of shire gold label soaps

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