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Hi There,

I have the following products on offer (no trade offers please):

Donkey milk collection with Omega boar (new, unused) - Retails $38, Asking $25

[Image: c8b78e91cd57e9f5753b276637581298.jpg][Image: 7bcba4aa9f360548de86b685e0a6c24c.jpg]

Sapone di Paolo Aftershave (90% Full) - Retails $15.60, Asking $10

[Image: 2b5b6e587f21abbc22bba653a3ce4234.jpg]

Proraso Blue (used 1x) - Retails $7, Asking $5

[Image: 23d162eab1ea78d3ae1219c26d047303.jpg]

GroomingDept Conca D’Oro (sampled 1x w/ clean knife, not lathered directly) - Retails $19, Asking $15 - SOLD

[Image: d6f575f979c0d993a18536988806081c.jpg]

Barrister and Mann Rhapsody Aftershave (30-40% full) - Unavailable, Asking $10

[Image: a7292f8881ef49b8786dee0a64153c60.jpg]
[Image: 09422619e551855be9172432e1165205.jpg]

Razorock Halo Titanium Handle (like new) - Retails $30, Asking $20

[Image: 9407b61b9617c1aac641c0854804d985.jpg]

Art of Shaving NOS Tallow Soap (new, unused) - Retails $13, Asking $10 - SOLD

[Image: e3fe48cdb6d748bfb2dd6b3352595416.jpg]

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Do your prices include shipping?

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(02-09-2018, 01:37 AM)mcqueen5 Wrote: Do your prices include shipping?

Yes, they do for CONUS. I’ll ship internationally, but I’d need additional funds, depending on the location.

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