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In my ever-continuing quest to thin out my den, I offer the following items for sale. I have priced them individually, but will offer a lot price as well.
Soap/AS sets will NOT be separated.
Shipping a Straight $5.00/Item or Set.
Discount for multiple purchases.
PayPal only.
[Image: 8pXVKOr.jpg]
[Image: h6Sv5Wy.jpg]
All soaps have at least 90% remaining unless otherwise noted.
Top To Bottom; Left to Right
1)  Eufros Rosa Bourbon $20
2)  Mystic Water Jasmine $9
3)  Stirling Glacial Wintergreen (Unavailable) $9
4)  Barrister and Mann Leviathan 85% Sold as Set Only $30
5)  Barrister and Mann Reserve Lavender 95% Sold as Set Only $30
6)  Fine American Blend 75% $7
7)  Simpsons Unscented Cream NEW $5
8)  Stirling Clubman 50% Long Discontinued $5
9)  Fine Lavender Pour Homme 80% Sold as Set Only $18
10  Kiss My Face Patchouli NEW (Purchased NOS on Ebay, Label shows wear) $18
11) Speick Vegan 99.9% Lathered EXACTLY Once $15
12) Martin de Candre Original (Lavender) 93% $50 (free CONUS shipping on THIS item)
[Image: o8j9pBn.jpg]
1)  Calvin Klein ck one 30% No Top $20
2)  Dominica Grand Bay Rum 60% $10
3)  Vintage Pierre Cardin EdT 90% No Top $20
[Image: hxmJWFm.jpg]
4)  Fine Lavender Pour Homme 65% Sold as Set Only (See Soap Price)
5)  Myrsol Don Carlos 1972 80% $20
6)  Vintage Old Spice Musk 65% $20
[Image: pT2e2dy.jpg]
7)  Barrister and Mann Lavender 90% Sold as Set Only (See Soap Price)
8)  Soap Commander Wisdom (Free with first Purchase)
9)  Barrister and Mann Leviathan 85% Sold as Set Only (See Soap Price)
Purchase Complete Lot: $200 Shipped CONUS
Feel free to PM me with questions.
These items are priced to sell.
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