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2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

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Looking to sell these two brushes. I am not the original owner, however they are in excellent condition and have seen very little use. I do not have the original packaging or cards. CONUS ONLY

Paladin Lotus- Lapis Luzi
I believe this is a 28mm knot and one with a D code. It is a wonderful bulb, white hair and nice hooked tips. Very luxurious. Asking $185 shipped.

[Image: cMZxTjM.jpg][Image: SsHCCPz.jpg][Image: p8LS5Ec.jpg]

Declaration/ Huck Tigiris
This is a wonderful B4 knot and I believe it is a 26mm (looks to be by my calipers and fells much bigger than my 24mm B5). Asking $200 shipped.

[Image: rIBXwGU.jpg][Image: b61XnVJ.jpg][Image: OGuHx2E.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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- John B
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Huck sold. Paladin remains
Here are some pics of the paladin wet. Gel tipped.

[Image: jSKz7ER.jpg][Image: kmlviMV.jpg][Image: hi7oUqo.jpg]

Open to trades as well
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