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Gentlemen, I am looking for followed razors.

1) RS-10 in Ti
2) WM WR2 SB 1.25 Ti
3) WM WR2 SB 1.35 Ti

If you are not interested in cash, I think I have some quite nice items to trade. Cash can be also added od requested. US address available.
WR1 SS SB .91
Tradere OC 1 gen
Wiborg 30mm
WR2 SS SB 1.15
RS-10 in SS with both plates

[Image: EZB0nX1.jpg]

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Weekend bump and some update: if I will not find trader during 2-3 days, I am going to sell some items ...

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Gentlemen, there is already queue for both WM razors and I promised them to members who were first. Please don't send me messages you are interested in purchase of WM razors. Only if you have what I am looking for to trade. Thank you.

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WM razors are on theirs way to new homes. Thread is closed now. Thank to all who were interested in.

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