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Wanting to get funds for a Ti Wolfman so im letting the following go, ask questions and if you want more pictures let me know 

I do not have either of the Wolfman boxes or cleaning cloths 

Soaps are always scooped out, soaps and AF and EDC are 95%+ remaining. Yuzu soap is about 80%left 

1. Wolfman WR1 .67 OC with WRH7 handle in satin finish. The top cap does have some scratches as the pictures shows, it looks worse in pictures than in person. This is the same razor that Grooming Dept listed last week, I no not like the OC so I'm passing it along for my price plus shipping $300                   SOLD

2. Wolfman WR2 SB 1.45/1.25 basic polish with Tibam New York style Ti handle. Minimal use and my bad eyes cannot see any scratches. $450——$425—-Sold

3. Rex Envoy, no box, I see no visible scratches. $80—$75—$70 shipped conus 

4. BM lot, nordost and fouler Angelique. both scooped twice with matching AF. $40                SOLD

5. DG milk steak soap lot $40                   SOLD

6. M&M claddagh soap, af, edc and naid af. scooped about 80% left soap and 95% af's and edc. $ 25 ——-withdrawn 

Add $5 for shipping on items 4-6 (soaps), razor prices include shipping 

[Image: R9COl0I.jpg]
[Image: JGWjLrf.jpg]
[Image: UQlmOre.jpg]
[Image: QQMVwoB.jpg]
[Image: wFp1HNq.jpg]
[Image: nm50nQj.jpg]

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Updated prices, open to offers
Last item Envoy updated, $70 shipped conus
All gone, thank you buyers and dfs

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