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I have an excellent condition/like new, brushed finish, WR2 1.35mm SB with WRH 7XL handle. I would definitely be interested in trading this for a Paradigm Ti1 in new/like new condition. 
Box has been found and is included.

Let me know if you have a Paradigm Ti1 to trade.

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Still looking
Good luck as they are both excellent and comparable (if both in titanium) in smoothness (Paradigm slightly smoother) and efficacy (WR2 slightly more efficient)

Living on the edge
HI FCI, sorry if this sounds nosey....if Im not wrong you parted company with your 1.45Ti razor and now you're
trading the 1.35 gap.....you not getting along with these gaps?
I have ALWAYS wanted to try the Paradigm Ti1. I figured this trade offer was worth a try. The Wolfman 1.35 will not be put up for sale as it’s a fantastic shaver.

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Living on the edge
I will not be surprised if someone jumps at your offer. Only a matter of time.
If not, it’s not the end of the world!

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