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Wolfman WR2 1.35/1.55 SB with Darwin Handle Basic Polish ($500 Conus) TRADED
Raw RS10 both plates ($380 Conus) SOLD
TurnNShave + HMW Fan 26mm ($60 Conus)
Heritage Merit + 26mm SHD HMW ($75 Conus)
Filarmonica 14 Double Temple 8/8 ($210 Conus) REMOVED FOR AUCTION
Streamline First Edition + 2 Gem Razors + 90 PTFE Blades ($150 Conus) REMOVED FOR AUCTION

[Image: 1583009090171.jpg]

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Raw RS10 SPF....

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Raw RS10 Sold...

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Wolfman drop to $500
Possible partial/full trades or will add cash
Fatboy red dot
Toggle Nickel
Paradigm 17-4
Blackland Blackbird SS
Wolfman Brass or Copper
Wolfma Guerrilla OC
Wolfman Trade Pending
Wolfman Traded, all others are going to Ebay...

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