More Human than Human
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Here we have a real unicorn. A flawless Galco King Cobra with a mint polished SS one off WM WRh2 handle. It was confirmed by James he only made this one. 

But wait there is more... a DE adapter converts the handle to be used with DE razors. 
included: A Complete Galco original classic King Cobra (head and original handle)
Sold at Classic Shaving for $349. 

A WM Wrh2 made for KC and it’s adapter. 

Shipping to ConUS and PP is included. 
Bring it home for $425. 
Thanks for looking. [Image: wANFdV4.jpg][Image: btMY2Ms.jpg][Image: 57nb4Qc.jpg][Image: xm4BceK.jpg]

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More Human than Human
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