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One and only price drop .. sells or it goes to the bay or facebook ... $1450.00 shipped CONUS only ... to Paypal CONFIRMED address ... NO EXCEPTIONS 

I'm the second owner of this BBS-1. I doubt I've shaved with it a dozen times. I have a fairly large rotation.
It is in fine condition to my eye. Judge from the photos and ask any questions you may have.

There are 421 like it, this one can be yours.

I will only ship to a confirmed Paypal address within the CONUSA 

$1450.00 USPS priority mail shipping (insured) in the CONUS
No trades @ 71 years old I have enough kit as it is Smile

[Image: ZFP5mUe.jpg]
[Image: UP7EWVw.jpg]
[Image: z1ojI4n.jpg]
[Image: jv6NM6W.jpg]

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Shazam ! 

[Image: t7vrTdX.jpg]

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Wait for it  Smile


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Hey Bo Diddley ! 


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