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Taste in shaving brushes, razors and products is personal. These two brushes, although famous, do not work for me. Each has been used about a handful of times. I have priced the brushes to go, with free U.S. shipping. Paypal is fine; no trades, please.

The Simpson Chubby 2 is legendary. This one is in super badger, mating a 27mm knot with a 50mm loft. I've had other Chubbie 2s, but I remember them having a denser knot with a heavier backbone. Or it could just be my perception. This one has those attributes, but it seems to splay nicely, too. All those fine qualities aside, the brush is just too big for me. The Chubby 2 in super badger is priced around $225. Your price is $150.
[Image: LZ0k1hh.jpg]

This is the Thater 4125/2 two-band with a 26mm knot and about a 55mm loft. The brush has an exceptionally dense knot with firm backbone. The tips are soft, although not the softest I have experienced on Thater brushes. The brush works well with both soaps or creams. New, this brush is priced around $155. I purchased it on sale for $140. Your price is $100.
[Image: ODkl8gb.jpg]

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Great stuff, Obie!
Keep 'em coming!
(10-05-2018, 11:22 PM)vm6597 Wrote: Great stuff, Obie!
Keep 'em coming!

Thanks, Vladimir. Yes, they are fine brushes at bargain prices.

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