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Up for sale today 4 soaps as follows:
Acca kappa 1869-Original formula,Wonderfull Italian Almond soap.I paid $27.00-asking $20.00
[Image: rJuuWFy.jpg]
[Image: qVsGlye.jpg]
Southern Withcrafts Alchemist-$16.00 -asking $10.00
[Image: TDjbeCR.jpg]

Bergums Brutalt Bra Barberscape $22.00 asking $15.00-SOLD!
[Image: UuVajR4.jpg]

[Image: AiZulwg.jpg]
The Sudsy Soapery Blizzard $16.00 asking $10.00
[Image: UIk0aAr.jpg]

London Oatcake Abyss $15.00 plus shipping from the UK-asking $12.00
[Image: VA2jroj.jpg]
Take all 5 for $60.00 Down to 4  for $45.00
[Image: iafT9bT.jpg]
Paypal and CONUS- $5.00 USPS for each shipment. Please send me a pm with any questions-
Bergums Brutalt Bra Barberscape is sold.
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