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For sale are two Jade shaving brushes, the TSN LE 18 Boar #158, and one tallow AoS Sandalwood puck that will be an add on to one of the brushes purchased. Please click on the hyperlinks of all items that have a hyperlink to see an album with even more pictures.

[Image: UGaWl4V.jpg]

TSN LE 18 Boar #158 - SOLD for $55![/color]

Brand new with box. Sorry I didn't have it in the pictures. Only took it out to take a few pics for you. Click that hyperlink to see them. Mind you it's only a few. Retail this goes for $60. No price decrease persay, but you can see the actual brush you are getting, plus you can pretend you are being frugal with my free shipping so you don't have to tack on extra goodies to get free shipping if you were to buy it elsewhere, and I just might have a number you really, really want. I'm hoping it's number 3. Wink

I am selling this for $60 shipped CONUS.

G_Huck Jade Rover handle WSP 2-band Superfine knot -

I am the second owner of this brush. The original owner didn't use this a ton, nor did I with about 3 uses. This brush doesn't scrimp on density and is a good feeling brush. Close to Simpson Chubby density still with excellent flow. I really wanted to like this, but something about the girth of the handle and how I hold it doesn't work for me. I'm pretty certain this is the extra density 32mm 2-band Superfine WSP sells as I've had some other WSP that aren't extra density, and this brush easily goes past the others.

The top of the brush has what the seller describes as a scratch and there is a tiny chip on the inside hole that holds the knot. The pictures look worse than what it actually is. When I saw the chip and what is best described as a scratch I thought nothing more of it. You have to look for it. Please look at the last four pictures in my album to see the photos the original seller sent to me to see it, and my own photos I took. There has been no problem with those two areas for me, and unless you are looking for it again, you won't see it. No shedding problems. Retail the knot goes for $100, and the handle I estimate is around 60-80. An excellent brush and how I wish my hand would agree with me on this brush!


Handle - 48.48mm
Knot - 30.49mm
Loft - 43mm

I am selling this brush for $100 shipped CONUS.

RV7 (Rudy Vey M7 interpretation) Jade set with Shavemac 2-band Silvertip fan knot -

Second owner of this brush. Original owner kept it in great condition as have I. No shedding problems. I have a mammoth fan 2-band Silvertip and want to thin my collection a bit. Not sure what retail of this would be as it has a handle made by Rudy Vey. The knot I estimate would cost 139.03 shipped, and the handle probably 60-80. I believe I paid $120. The brush works great for face lathering and bowl lathering equally, and has exceptional flow. Wide face feel thanks to the fan shape, but still retains good control thanks to the shorter loft, and some decent massaging. I have a Shavemac box I can put this into.


Handle - 62.40mm
Knot - 28.25mm
Loft - 46mm

Selling this brush for $100 shipped CONUS.

AoS Tallow Soap - SOLD!

Not much to say. A brand new, unopened tallow puck of Art of Shaving shaving soap in Sandalwood scent. Not going to use it anytime soon and figured I might as well recoup my shipping costs for the TSN with this and make someone happy.

Selling it as an add-on of $15 to any item bought. I will sell separately for $3 extra shipped CONUS if someone really wants just this though.

Edit: I forgot to mention if anyone happens to have a Thater Boar they want to trade I'll consider that. As long as it's in good condition I don't care if it's used.

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AOS is sold!
Price drop of $5 to $95 for both Jade beauties. TSN remains the same.

Scratch the Thater Boar off the trade list. Just bought one.
Lowering the G_Huck to $80 shipped, and the Rudy Vey to $85. I'll leave this up for one more day and then close the thread. Please message me if you want to discuss the price or any possible trades. Partial trades where the cash price is dropped a bit is good, and artisan made shaving soaps would be a good route to go as I have many I've never tried.

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