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Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
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Two vintage shaving soaps here, one used just once and one new and unused.  First, a Mohawk Brush Company 2.5 oz. puck, used once.  It has been listed on the forums as being tallow-based.  It has no fragrance left and just smells like soap.  The third image shows it before I unwrapped it.  $8 shipped CONUS.
[Image: 9Dnxihc.jpg][Image: gUMuGf2.jpg][Image: GryQ97B.jpg]

And second, an NOS Yardley in its wooden bowl, still in the shrink-wrap.  $40 shipped CONUS.  SOLD
[Image: aL266Yi.jpg][Image: xvclf0Q.jpg]

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