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I have been buying too much lately, and I need to get rid of a few things that I like but don't really need.  Here is a vintage Rooney Black Arrow brush with a 20/46 black boar knot.  According to Lee Sabini, Mrs. Rooney's brother-in-law Basil Rooney was an RAF Spitfire pilot.  He was instrumental in getting the Rooney factory to make a number of inexpensive wooden brushes for sale to British soldiers and sailors in 1941-42.  Basil apparently was quite a character, sporting the archetypal handlebar mustache and slicked-back hair, etc.  I like to imagine that this brush sometimes accompanied one of the fliers in his Spitfire or was a bit of home in one of the trenches.  The upper metal part of the handle is slightly loose, but it does not appear to be in danger of coming off the wood.  The brush builds lather quite well.

$27 shipped CONUS for this wonderful piece of history.  This is the last reduction. Withdrawn
[Image: vMur1wG.jpg][Image: xVhCpCm.jpg][Image: aFdHbK6.jpg]

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