Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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Closed thanks buyers and DFS
will start new ad with cologne and brushes 
C&R aluminum with 26mm maggards 2band badger used x4 $50——-SOLD
WW Blue with 25mm black wolf knot used x4 $90-----$80—-$70
WW nebula with 26mm timberwolf knot used x3 $90-----$80—-$70

Razor Emporium khaki set remake, razor was redone by RE and never used by me $35----$30——$20
ATT copper windsor H with RR handle and leather travel case $80------$70——-SOLD
ATT head was from their scratch and dent sale, see pictures for condition 

HB Jeckyl Hyde cologne set New $50-----$40—-$30
Creed Green Irish Tweed, sprayed once, 50ml size, $120---------$110——$100
Creed Virgin Island Water, 90% left, 50ml size, $100--------$90——$86

Soaps and sets: 
Mammoth mood indigo set and BM waves reserve, scooped and lathered in x2, $50——-SOLD
Declaration Grooming unconditional surrender milksteak base, NEW $20-----$15——$13—SOLD
M&M Naid and Slainte soap and balm scooped x3, 95% remaining $30------$20——$15—-SOLD
M&M Gael Laoch set and Nantahala set including 15ml fragrance both of these soaps were scooped x1 $70--------$60—-Nantahala sold 

Gael Laoch set $25—-$20—-Sold 

CONUS only, $5 shipping usps with tracking 
No trades at this time 
Thank you [Image: EH1AEF2.jpg][Image: gxp1VPa.jpg][Image: g2KgCMR.jpg][Image: BU3yWor.jpg][Image: jDbJhym.jpg][Image: wAvUwWi.jpg][Image: YYgAPPZ.jpg][Image: KUudJSR.jpg][Image: ICZXSoO.jpg][Image: 2ZTuqgq.jpg][Image: 4kL7W1Z.jpg][Image: BZpJOKP.jpg][Image: 6JTSfLo.jpg][Image: SMpQaZx.jpg][Image: rwgVC58.jpg]
[Image: Yi0p8Lx.jpg]

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Le Mans, France
Pm sent
I will take the The Holy Black Jekyl & Hyde if you are willing to ship to Ontario Canada. Will pay extra for shipping if needed.

did you get my message?
Nothing came thru

Gentleman- appears my wife and I got the stomach flu Last night. I will answer all messages in the order I got them. I apologize for the delay, but I will answer everyone

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All messages responded too

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Sent you a pm.
Still haven't seen anything?

The boy has the flu, patience gentleman

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