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I have a titanium WR2 DC 105sb/115oc head.  The 115 is slightly too much for me. At one point I was using a WR1.54, so that's where I'm coming from. I think the 105 is a better match for me. I might also consider a .54 or .61 WR1 (titanium).  So, if you have a 105SB or a WR1 in titanium and are looking for a little more, I might be up for a trade. Let me know what you have and we can discuss it.  I prefer to trade titanium head for titanium head and we each keep our handle.  However, I would also trade for an antique bronze (.54-.61).  If that were the trade then we would do complete razors. 

[Image: EecweIP.jpg]
[Image: tBSDzoA.jpg]

If we were to trade complete razors, here is the titanium handle. 

[Image: HFZLJde.jpg]
I added antique bronze to the Post. I would trade for one of those as well in the .61 gap.
Added pictures of the razor to the post.
Still looking.
Expanded the range of trade possibilities in my posts above. If the trade were for a wr1 in Titanium or antique bronze, I would consider slightly lower gap of .54 or .61.
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This is a great razor. It combines two fantastic blade gaps that will serve many folks very well (105 & 115). I typically use the 115 oc side on my first WTG pass and then do a second pass ATG with the 105 sb side. It produces a very effective result for me. I am only looking to trade the head because the 115 side is very slightly too much for daily use by me. I don't have a thick beard so I am fine at only 105 or a .61 on a wr1. The condition of the head is perfect.
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