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Looking for a Varlet Ranger 29mm XD, specifically in the Low-light finish. Interested in trading this barely used 1.45mm Ti WR2 w/stand in exchange for said brush plus cash.

PM if interested. Thx for looking! [Image: 2fa895e9cb400674451f92e3b59df596.jpg]

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Living on the edge
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Nice deal.
Any brush (even a Varlet) has a finite lifespan, unless used in a very large rotation.
A Ti 1.45 would last practically forever. Plus that gap is...muahhhhh!

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Apparently my inbox was full. Apologies to anyone who may have had difficulty getting in touch. Rest assured the issue is now resolved!

How much Cash are you looking for in addition to the Low Light Ranger? I don’t see it in your listing.
Thanks all for the interest and discussions. The Ti has been withdrawn for the time being, but I am still looking for this brush and I am prepared to offer a different Wolfman razor in exchange. Stay tuned for an updated WTT post.

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