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Good afternoon everyone. I was unable to make it to the meetup. I would love to buy a new tub of this soap as Delor De Treget is my favorite scent offered by Chatillon Lux. Please PM me if you have one to offer. Thank you in advance.
Hey! So just an FYI I think SS may have some available if so long as it doesn't sell out at the St. Louis meet-up.
Thanks for the heads up!

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South Saint Louis, MO
Or you could just join us in STL Wink

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Handcrafted shaving provisions in the spirit of South Saint Louis at ChatillonLux.com
Haha. I'd love to if I could! It sounds like it'll be a blast.

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Bump! Unfortunately I was a few minutes late on the release.
Still searching!
I have a new, unused jar. PM if you're still interested.
[Image: tlYaMgp.jpg]

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Found. Thank you bert369 and Dfs!

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