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I have a pair of items that might interest you.

The Silver Hawk SD is a good shaver, but I prefer the GEM type SE razors. I have used the razor once, twice the most, so it is in perfect condition. New, the razor was around $30 plus shipping. Your price includes U.S. shipping. No trades, please. U.S. sales only, please.  $20  (SOLD)
[Image: x4BWnDu.jpg]

Here is a cluster of synthetic brushes I rarely use. The brushes are various brands, all Tuxedo knots, and have lovely face feel. The price for the bundle includes U.S. shipping. $50  $40  (WITHDRAWN)
[Image: hMrbz6N.jpg]
The Hawk is sold. The brushes are still available. Couple of the brushes are Yaqi. The red one is a custom, but I don't remember who made it. The black one is OneBlade. The red and white one is APShaveco. Good stuff.
I have reduced the price on the brushes to $40. They are priced to go.

Williamsburg, KY
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You're killing me. I don't need more brushes but that is a STEAL folks
[Image: r5XWqna.gif]

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Thanks, Dave. Yes, it is.
[Image: qdS36HB.gif]

Williamsburg, KY
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You need them
I just want two.

Williamsburg, KY
(08-14-2019, 11:12 PM)BPman Wrote: I just want two.

Resale the other 3

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