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Hi Folks,

I have some nice straight razors that I'm willing to trade for either a

Kai Captain Carbono Carbon Straight Razor Limited Edition

or a Kai Captain Pakka Folding Razor

If nothing to your liking I have other straights that you might like

No interest in straight razors but you have one of the shavettes I'm looking for? I'm willing to buy.

Kikuboshi R.Saito KRG 13/16"

[Image: oiDvxXp.jpg]

Filarmonica 14 Double Temple full hollow 8/8"

[Image: kKvbtT4.jpg]

[Image: l1uXmpT.jpg]

there is one small black spot on the backside of the blade

[Image: bk5cUg6.jpg]

Iwasaki Tokiwa 60 half hollow 6/8”

[Image: uZObU5J.jpg]

[Image: tUvDZeD.jpg]

These are the ones I'm looking for:

Kai Captain Pakka folding razor

[Image: wY22JfG.jpg]

Kai Captain Carbon folding razor

[Image: 7MFgMkG.jpg]
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