Rex Envoy DE Razor & Barbershop Soap DFS Raffle. Read more here!!

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Genco Forge Mark with Case
$35 $30 Conus  Scale more than 5/8
[Image: 20191110-223520.jpg]

New Gold Kamisori
$45 $40 Conus  Scale: 5/8
[Image: 20191110-223727.jpg]

Heljestrand MK no 4 Eskilstuna Sweden shave ready straight razor
$60 Conus  Scale:11/16 SOLD
[Image: 20191110-213858.jpg]

Dubl Duck SatinEdge Shave Ready
$100 Conus  Scale:11/16 SOLD
[Image: 20191110-223342.jpg]

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Heljestrand MK no 4 Eskilstuna Sold
Dubl Duck Sold, Price Reduction for other straight razors...

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