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For sale today is a rare Simpson Hive cobalt in Manchurian 
The brush is still brand new and has never touched water
I am the original owner and got it from Simpson a few months ago

Retail is 239£ + shipping that is more than $300
Price is $240 with PayPal G&S
Worldwide shipping with tracking and insurance is included

[Image: mQJYnlK.jpg]

[Image: emtVb0o.jpg]

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What a beauty of a handle!

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What is the knot size and the overall dimensions?

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I don’t know 
Measured dimensions of the knot are 24x50
I think it’s a 22mm knot
It’s very similar to a Tulip 3 Manchurian I have

Handle is 56mm high
Diameter at the bottom is 41mm

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I have a couple Cobalt Simpson brushes. They are even more stunning in person than photograph. Never really liked blue anything until picked up the first Simpson in Cobalt because it a shape wanted with Manchurian knot but now fully a third of my brushes are blue with majority Cobalt


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Nice looking brush and great seller. GLWTS.

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