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First owner, superb condition, meticulously cleaned and wiped down after every shave.
Periodically coated with Renaissance Wax. Comes with full packaging as pictured,
and a washer to protect handle from contacting the head.

Top cap: Gen 3
Baseplate: Gen 1 (provides amplified and pleasing audible feedback)

This razor configuration costs $235 when new.

Price: $200 (delivered)

[Image: c4d3Bff.jpg][Image: yAbhqbD.jpg][Image: 0znMJRj.jpg][Image: OU3yxEA.jpg][Image: iN66IP0.jpg][Image: IcsKakx.jpg][Image: I59rZK8.jpg][Image: Qd60tfH.jpg][Image: nSpLsui.jpg]

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Living on the edge
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Some notes on Gen 1 vs Gen 2 plates / Gen 3 vs Gen 4 top caps... in the words of the razor maker himself:

"All top caps shave the same. The profile of the top cap has never changed and your face can't tell which generation is which.

Gen 1 and Gen 2 baseplates of the same aggressiveness level will shave the same since the edge of the razor blade is in the same location. All critical design dimensions are identical even though the baseplates are different in appearance."

My personal (and biased) opinion: I greatly prefer a razor with generous audio feedback and the Gen 1 trumps the Gen 2 plate in that regard.
While I've heard it makes no difference in the shave, I greatly prefer the look of the gen 1 base plate, with the notches across the safety bar. Just looks cool ... and just maybe it might enhance the performance. GLWTS !

Living on the edge
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Living on the edge
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Living on the edge
New pictures added to show just how new this looks.

[Image: oFnn0Ph.jpg][Image: Sps7Ntr.jpg]

Living on the edge
One and only price drop to $190 (shipped).

Living on the edge
Razor is sold. Thanks DFS!

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