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Some good stuff here for sale, I just don't reach for these things often.  Would be willing to trade for Declaration Grooming Sellout Splash or B&M Le Petit Chypre Splash

Please add $5 for shipping conus. 

Noble Otter Oudyood set~ 75% $25

Noble Otter Plunder set~80% $25

Chatillon Lux Admiral set ~80% $25 SOLD

Soapy Science Doc's special blend unused- $15

Grooming Department  Chypre Conifere ~ 65% $10

Barrister and Mann Behold The Whatsis ~ 75% $15

Stirling Autumn Leaves Splash ~ 90% $8

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Ciderhouse 5 EDP- Sprayed 1X $35

Armaf Club De Nuit Man - Sprayed 3x - $18

Take the whole lot for $130 

PM with any questions or for better pictures.
[Image: JQqRug4.jpg][Image: A6CKs1D.jpg]

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Admiral set sold.

Take the rest for $100

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