Greater Chicago Area
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Hi Folks,

Thanks for taking a look at this posting. I simply own WAY too much stuff and with changes in schedules, etc., I'm simply not going to work through this any time soon. I've purchased all items new and unused.

Will ship CONUS only. Paypal only. Prices listed below do not include shipping. Please add $7.00 for shipping per purchase.

Thanks again,

Sweet Comb Chicago: Soap and Aftershave: $8.00 SOLD
Alvarez Gomez Colonia Concentrada: Aftershave and Cologne: $34.00

[Image: jKq0iLR.jpg]

B&M: Le Grande Chypre: Soap, Aftershave, Cologne: $38.00
B&M: Promises: Soap, Aftershave: $14.00

[Image: hic0QzZ.jpg]

B&M: Patches: Soap, Aftershave: $14.00 SOLD
PAA: Neroli: Soap, Aftershave: $14.00

[Image: RTmHxrf.jpg]

Dr. Jon's: Rose of Phrygia: Soap, Aftershave: $15.00 SOLD
St. James of London: Bergamot & Sandalwood: Cream, Aftershave, Cologne: $30.00 Traded

[Image: FuJ3pwz.jpg]

B&M: Fougere Imperiale Cologne: $23.00
B&M: Just Right for a Tuesday Cologne: $21.00
Chatillon Lux: Bon Vivant Cologne: $23.00
Razorock: Green Label Aftershave: $5.00
Cremo: Bergamot & Musk Cologne: $6.00
Jack Black: Citrus, Mint, Rosemary Cologne: $6.00

[Image: edtIJHv.jpg]

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Greater Chicago Area
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Greater Chicago Area
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Greater Chicago Area
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Greater Chicago Area
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Greater Chicago Area
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