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Major sell-a-thon, all soaps are 85-90% remaining and only ever used a cosmetic scooper and loaded in a bowl. I can send individual pics of the soaps open if you want them.

If there is a matching aftershave I will pair it with the soap in the sale.

With the cost of shipping I want to sell these at lots of 5 with the matching aftershaves.

A lot of the soaps were scooped once or twice and I just never reached for them in 6month to a year so that is why im selling.  

I will type all the soaps here and you can pick any 5 soaps and I will sell them for $55 that includes shipping conus

The aftershaves that do not go with the matching soaps (only 4) will also be for sale in a lot for $25-----They include the following... Razorock blue, Dr. Jons Krampus, PAA Lavender Cedar and Floid newer fragrance )----see pictures for items all of these aftershaves are 95% remaining  

Ask any questions, thanks everyone!

Caties bubbles midnight dreary
Caties bubbles Irish coffee
Caties bubbles berry good Noah (comes with 2 aftershaves)
Caties bubbles le marche du rasage
Hercules shaving soap (annis smell)
Soap Commander vision
Razorock blue fouler with aftershave
Captains choice bay rum cream with aftershave
PAA Planet 9 Nereoli smell with aftershave
Stirling Christmas Eve with aftershave
Stirling bay rum with NEW aftershave

Charcoal goods soap (aquatic scent)
Tampa shave company mango lime with aftershave
Shannons soaps silk pajamas
Shannons soaps bay patchouli grapefruit
Shannons soaps 25th st lime (about 75% remaining)
Shannons soaps coconut lime  
Shannons soaps/Timeless Etherea with aftershave

[Image: dLRgJjE.jpg]
[Image: kj3adQ0.jpg]
I just cleared out my den or I’d be getting some GLWTS
Price reduction
will do 3 soaps(if they have matching aftershave it’s included) for $30
If you want Priority shipping add $5

North Carolina
How many ounces are the Caties Bubbles soaps? 4oz.?
The one is a full size tub the others are small 2oz tubs
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