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Snow sale!
All soaps are 95%+ remaining and used a cosmetic scooper and never lathered in

Paladin Soap lot $20---------$15

Soap Commander lot $15------$10

Sellout soap and GD Lav preshave (used once) $25

AOS kinsman soap and original sandalwood cologne $35  

Stirling lot of 4 soaps and barbershop EDT $45------------------$40

RR 400 brushed synthetic and Silvertip badger $20

Include $3 for shipping CONUS, Paypal goods and services only
Discounts taken for multiple items purchased

[Image: w8yJApN.jpg]

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Your PM’s are disabled, I cannot send you messages
Can you email me then? I don’t know how to fix it. Jorvaljr75@gmail.com
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