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Offering some of my slightly used soaps. The individual price reflects usage. If you choose to purchase up to  three soaps, please add $6 to cover shipping. More than three, please add $9. More than five soaps - get 10% discount of the total amount. Should you decide to purchase the ENTIRE selection, you could have it for only $175 delivered. (total amount at listed value is $292)

Shipping is within CONUS only. I will be traveling this week and all shipments will be mailed early next week starting October 7. If interested, please send me a PM.

Thank you,
Storybooks Coffee Spoons - $9
Storybooks Visions and revisions- $9
T+S Boreal V1 - $9
Grooming Dept Absinthe and Leather - $11 SOLD
Grooming Dept Vetiver Nobile- $9 SOLD
Mike’s BOYY - $7
A&E Vetiver Magnifique Vegan - $7
Catie’s Bubbles Santal Sensuelle - $7 SOLD
MW Gingered Cranberry Pear $5
MW Bay Rum (add on to any order)
P160 Tipo Morbido 150gr - $39 SOLD
P160 Tipo Morbido 250gr - $65 SOLD
NO Yeehaw - $9 SOLD
Eufros Kasbah - $12
CRSW Oilva - $10
CRSW White label Cypress - $9
Stirling Agar- $7
Turtleship Lime - $7
WK Tempest - $9
Ballenclaugh Old Barber Menthe - $7
Ballenclaugh Portals - $7
Eufros Ylang Ylang - $19
RR Cacao NEW (one scoop removed) - $19
Eufros Chronos - $15 SOLD

[Image: a1dNlsV.jpg]

[Image: EeMpuGW.jpg]

[Image: uKGauJe.jpg]

[Image: baKXLrx.jpg]

[Image: DuabpWW.jpg]

[Image: YI1zgwI.jpg]

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Noble Otter and Cate's Bubbles SOLD

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