Munich area, Germany
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Gents, up for sale are two new Simpson brushes. Palm lathered only once but both are to small for my liking, so I want to sell them to free funds for a CH3.

1. Chubby 2 Two band Silvertip in Faux Horn. $360 new, your price is $320.

[Image: b247582a27cd06ce2278150840207b31.jpg]

[Image: e6fb1cb53b6a260623c759864612024f.jpg]

2. Duke 3 Manchurian in Faux Ruby. $345 new, your price is $300.

[Image: 75107c6b5134e6be4dbd2379daf7de4e.jpg]

[Image: e7d843446cac533623a85373a6b871b2.jpg]

Munich area, Germany

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