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Dear Fellow DFShavers,

I am offering three great brushes at a very significant discount - either brush is only $127 shipped CONUS. If you purchase 2 brushes , I will reduce the total price by extra $20, if you buy all three, I will reduce the total  by $50.

If you need more photos or additional information please send me a PM.

Thank you,

[Image: glb19M8.jpg]

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That Brad Sears is GORGEOUS

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it is indeed! I accumulated over 50 high end brushes and need to let some of these beauties go ...

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Beautiful, Alex. GLWTS.
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A che bel vivere, che bel piacere, per un barbiere di qualità! Happy2
Thank you!

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What size are the knots? The Simpson is 23mm if I recall correctly.
Brad Sears - 29.5mm by 50mm
M&F - 25mm by 55mm
Simpson 58 - 24.5mm by 52mm

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I reached out to Mr. Sears and in his opinion the M&F brush is one of the relatively early (a few years before 2016) Style 1's Lee Sabini made while his CNC lathe was in operation.
Brad Sears Arley is sold.

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Beautiful brushes. Great seller.

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