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The last two straights I am going to part with.
These are in the Raw style with some forge scale left on them. These are in brand new condition and should be considered shave ready or dang near it.

The tips have been slightly muted by Morgan/Silverloaf and are still coated in oil. These are 7/8 size and I believe they are considered near wedge.

I am asking $150 shipped each. One has natural Paua and the other purple Paua. I will consider trades for high end DE razors or possibly a Colonial SE V2 or Blackland Vector.

[Image: RO7CXGd.jpg][Image: uhxCohq.jpg][Image: cLwizPD.jpg][Image: pKl1fn3.jpg][Image: KIDbmQf.jpg][Image: IB9sa5E.jpg]

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Still available
Price drop
These razors are practically brand new!
Beautiful looking pieces

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