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I have two soaps and one aftershave to sell. I will consider trades for new or lightly used soaps or aftershaves. I'm also in need of some more Feather blades. Btw, I clean all my soaps after every shave so there is no old lather on them which I would appreciate the same if trading for soaps.

CRSW Puro Fresco Select shaving soap 4oz and aftershave, about 93%, used 7 times - $24.00 shipping included

Tim's Green Label Cypress - 4oz but overfilled by 1/2 to 1oz, used only 3 times - $12 shipping included

Take all three for $30.00 shipped.

Payments via PayPal, shipping to CONUS only.

[Image: UfkiV1e.jpg]
[Image: vXnps2d.jpg]
Updated to consider trades.

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