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Schick Lady Eversharp Injectir razor.  New and includes 2 SupermChromium blades in the package. Also included is a pack of Schick blades Made in China. UD$35 shipped to US/Canada

Simpson Wee Scot in best badger, Somerset (David Carter era). Except for the faded lamp black this brush in in great condition for an older Somerset era brushes. US$38.00 shipped US/Canada

[Image: c7048a9956bc3836134df32b874e581a.jpg]
[Image: eb4fc2a44df30c6a217d97be13d72c49.jpg]
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Price reduced. Take both for $55. Plus I’ll add a Razorock 400 synthetic brush. [Image: d203e4024ac834559fb7d5455a611806.jpg]

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