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Up for sale is a Rudy Vey creation in white zebra resin using a Muhle 25mm synthetic knot mounted at 52mm. No matter which synth I try I just can’t get used to them. 

I paid $95 for this brush last month. I am asking $55 shipped.
No trades. 

[Image: HsbLmVe.jpg][Image: KqCt5ry.jpg][Image: wsNBpT5.jpg]

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That’s a gorgeous brush.

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I wish I had gone with a Shavemac knot but I really wanted to try the beloved Muhle synthetic knot.

I also don’t know why my pictures turned sideways when I posted them! Lol

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Is the knot a version 1 or version 2? It’s a beautiful brush!

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I don't think Rudy and I discussed that but I bought this in December so I assume the most recent knot release.

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Price drop

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