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Ok, now have two...looking to break even on this one...it is brand new and never been pulled out of the box.

Asking $427 (price includes shipping ($15-it is a heavy package) and fees)

Will ALWAYS consider partial trade for:
1) Varlet Beehive Carbon
2) Paladin Beehive Honey Noir

Thanks for looking!

Pictures are in the order of unpackaging.

[Image: oCzHrEv.jpg]
[Image: pDlAykM.jpg]
[Image: 13H3bUQ.jpg]
[Image: VnBJcG1.jpg]
[Image: 9rlyRz9.jpg]

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If no one takes this today it goes back to the store as a return.

Will also trade for Paladin Beehive Honey Noir and/or Varlet Mega Tall!

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