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Time for a little den clearing...

[Image: bM5jKfN.jpg]

Raw Shaving RS 10 with both plates, box.  $400 shipped SOLD!
Paradigm SE w/ 2 full packs of blades - $400 shipped
Weber PH - $110 shipped SOLD!
ATT M1 - $65 shipped SOLD!

[Image: FEdnaWQ.jpg]

Declaration B3 24mm Hucklaration - $155
Declaration B6 24mm Dogwood - $180 SOLD!
Declaration Jefferson B7 Christmas - $250
Declaration Jefferson B8 Sweet Lemon - $280

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2 sold.
open to trades for...
paradigm de
black eagle
other offers welcomed

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I'm really surprised that Weber hasn't sold. That's a fantastic price for a truly great razor. GLWTS!

Seattle, WA (USA)
Actually the Weber has sold.  I bought it on Wednesday.  For some reason Nachum has not updated his post.  
Perhaps he's busy.  Those are some very nice brushes, BTW.  I'm surprised that none of them have sold yet.

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