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I have a rare Rocnel Sailor (Gold Ring) Gen 1 for trade (paid 550 for it). There where only 10 ever made, this razor is build around the Feather DE blades (although Rapira & Voskod and a few others fit perfectly, other blades fit but might take some wiggling to remove them after use). The shaves with a Feather are fabolous but I'm just not into adjustables (tried so many, will stop doing that). Might come up for sale if no trade found.

Only consider a trade for a Paradigm Titanium version 1 razor (must be in excellent condition).

[Image: cEGWO1E.jpg]

[Image: P4ekLDX.jpg]

[Image: em4Y4Zh.jpg]

[Image: RRIGKLI.jpg]

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