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I am going to be selling several items over the next few days.  There will be some excellent razors for sale - Fat Boys, Slims, Red Tips and an English Aristocrat.  My interest has shifted to just a few vintage models (Rocket HD, 40s Aristocrat, Aristocrat, Jr) and a couple of modern razors.

First up is a re-plated E1 Fat Boy.  Beautiful razor.  The re-plate was done by Chris at Back Roads Gold.  He does excellent work.  I have several of his razors.  I used it one time.

Paid $120 and I would like to get what I paid.  Please add $6 for shipping - CONUS only.  Will ship internationally for actual shipping cost.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: yFHon7G.jpg]
[Image: lNrtqwM.jpg]
[Image: DYO9i14.jpg]
[Image: Ej69fMF.jpg]
[Image: TdQGn0U.jpg]
[Image: 8z638Pd.jpg]
[Image: WWuuCBQ.jpg]

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