Long Island City, NY
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Looking to let go of items which have seen, and probably will see, very little use from me. CONUS only please. Happy to consider trade item + cash deals, let us discuss if you have: (1) Noble Otter The Noir et Vanille A/S, (2) Reserve Seville sets (hoping some people bought spares.) As always, thanks for looking!

1. Soap and A/S
- Declaration Grooming Mayflower (95%) [$16 $14]
- Wholly Kaw Fougere Bouquet (UNUSED) [$24 $22]
- Chatillon Lux La Foret de Liguest A/S (98%) [$13 $11]

Feel free to send me other offers if interested. Or better, just take them as a lot for $47 $40!

- Timeless Bronze SB 0.38mm (SOLD)
- B&M Lime Lavender Cedarwood Soap (95%) (SOLD)
- Grooming Dept Amber & Oud (95%) (SOLD)

[Image: WXeyMoQ.jpg]
[Image: NX798Tb.jpg]
- Shi

Long Island City, NY
Withdrawn. Thanks!
- Shi

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