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Price drop by $10.

Now $65 including shipping to CONUS.  Includes your choice of a new puck of Stirling The Lounge or a new can of Simpson shave cream, plus a pack of Feathers.  Same offer on the soap and cream on the Gold Deluxe I have listed.  First buyer gets choice.

I’m clearing out several items over the next few days. This is the first item.

For sale is a 1925 Gillette New Improved Traveler set in silver plate. The razor is silver, the accessories are nickle plate.  That is how they were sold. The razor is in great shape and has been one of my favorites.  It has the normal cracks in the handle (2 hairline cracks at the top of the handle - see pictures), which do not affect performance. Pack of Feathers included.  Date code is 575621B

This is truly a great set/razor. I hate to see it go!

$70, plus $5 shipping CONUS. I am willing to consider foreign shipping, but the buyer will pay actual shipping costs and assume the risk of the receiving country’s postal service actions.  I paid $80 for the set.

I have a 1930 gold New Deluxe set listed as well.  Feel free to make me an offer for both!

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 6ymq6Jj.jpg]
[Image: V6ntTAt.jpg]
[Image: p4FcHve.jpg]<br />[Image: cIMm141.jpg]<br />[Image: IYUFb0D.jpg]<br />[Image: eyouH56.jpg]<br />[Image: 7OHnjsC.jpg]<br />[Image: SRyQ7J6.jpg]<br />[Image: 4TTk9O6.jpg]<br />[Image: AQN2Tie.jpg][/img]
[Image: RdX2Wyh.jpg]
I'll jump all over that. Will PM you.

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PM sent.

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Damn, didn't see the part about the cracks. :-(

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No problem. As far as handle cracks go, these are very small and IMO add some character. They are not readily apparent when first looking. You have to look close to see them.
Bump for price drop and additional product.

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