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Dear Fellow DFShavers,

I would like to quickly move four of my brushes, that are simply AWESOME, but I do not use them often enough. I purchased the 32mm Shavemac, 32mm Thater and 26mm L7 from good members from a different forum with only a couple of lathers on them. I used the L7 a dozen times, and only three times each the Shavemac and Thater. I purchased the 30mm Preacher directly from Brad and used it maximum 10 times. All brushes will be cleaned and combed before shipping in their original boxes. They all cost over $200 each and in order to move them quickly I am offering deep discounts.

My prices include delivery CONUS. International shipping could be arranged too, just let me know

Americana XL Ebony & Ivory 35mm bulb - $185 SOLD
Thater  33mm bulb - $185 $175 TRADED
30mm Preacher  Fan (Brad Sears) - $165 SOLD
L7 (M&F/Brad Sears) - $157 ON HOLD

Please send me PM if interested.

Thank you,

[Image: DXTYBTh.jpg]

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Corrected knot dimensions on Shavemac and Thater

Woodstock, VT
Great brush offerings and a great member to trade with! Happy2

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Thank you, Max!
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35mm Americana XL Ebony & Ivory is SOLD

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The Preacher is SOLD
Reduced price for Thater to $175
Thater is traded

Saving through Spending
Gorgeous L7


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