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Palmerton, PA
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The razor is beautiful and the F plate is pretty darn aggressive.  I am not a fan of brass or I would be holding on to this. Looking to trade for another razor. I can add cash on my end if need be. I got it from a DFS member just recently. [Image: OS0DFyC.jpg][Image: xpz8pXF.jpg][Image: N9WlhUC.jpg][Image: zRV0rXP.jpg][Image: bIgedpb.jpg]


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Dfw, Texas
What sort of razor trade are you looking for?

Palmerton, PA
DE or SE razors, I'm open to any. I can add cash on my end if needed.
Member is as solid is they come with trading and the razor is fantastic as well.

What length is the handle?

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Palmerton, PA
Thank you for the kind words. 3 inch handle .

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