2019 DFS LE - Eleven Soap & Aftershave Splash is now LIVE! Read more here!!

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All items are gently used and soaps are all scooped with a cosmetic scooper and never lathered in container. All soaps and aftershaves are 95% remaining.

These items will be sold in lots, minus the razors, as listed below to cut down on number of items shipping and cost

All items will be shipped usps priority with tracking

CREEDs were bought sprayed once. They are not my key scents and I prefer viking and aventus. They are real (bought at Saks) and the batch codes are shown along with the white atomizer under the caps, they have been sitting in my cool dark closet so the smells have not changed due to poor storage. If you do not know what they smell like go to the creed site

I can send pictures of inside of soap containers and more detailed photos on request


Timeless Ti OC .95 $215------NOW $205------SOLD
[s]Rex ambassador N2 serial $185————SOLD

Gillette slim adjustable H2 serial, complete restoration from razor emporium in rhodium $75------NOW $68 ------SOLD[/s]

Wolf Whiskers with 25mm black wolf knot-------------$100 shipped
Rick Montalvo/WW with 24mm bulb Timberwolf knot--------$40 shipped  
C&R Aluminum brush with two band badger 26mm----------- $95 shipped
Plisson for L'Occitane brush with stand---------------$40shipped

[s]Creeds $250-----------NOW $225------SOLD
Green Irish Tweed 1.7oz
Himalaya 1.7oz

BM soap lot with aftershaves $115------NOW $100
Seville in reserve for reddit with af
Soapmakers of awesome town
Promises with af

Declaration Lot and wholly kaw $100------NOW $90-----SOLD
Vide Pouche limited edition with af
Shore icarus base with af
Sweet Lemon icarus base with af
Wholly kaw Padre Leone with af

[Image: hyS5uc9.jpg]
[Image: k2Kg4vG.jpg]
[Image: gH0Ff2l.jpg]
[Image: fRTimPn.jpg]
[Image: GXqta3w.jpg]
[Image: FebptH0.jpg]
[Image: MxJUv0B.jpg]

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PM sent

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Great items GLWTS

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Dang, that's some sweet stuff
Timeless is a smooth top cap

Peachtree City, GA
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Have all 4 of Creeds mentioned, 2 being sold are amongst my favourites espec GIT. Good price for genuine lot. Love how Creed changes laser etching codes; almost all mine are along bottom ridge and hard as hell to discern - this much easier but first seen like this

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Update: For those who ask, I really don't want to split up items, but I will consider it if your willing to pay shipping for the item
Timeless is a smooth top cap
Slim was a complete resto in rhodium by razor emporium with no issues mechanically, I can send more photos
C&R brush has a 26mm two band badger knot, I don't know who made the knot, I'm assuming yaqi
B&M seville reserve was scooped twice and AF is 95% remaining
Great prices from a good man. GLWTS

Palmerton, PA
Interested in the slim. Message sent
Would you sell the Wolf Whiskers and ship to Ontario, Canada? Will gladly pay for shipping.


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